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Review Date: Friday 6/22/2012

In Shawn Dalton-Smith's Life After offers a different take on the world of ghost.

At a time when everything is going her way Kalyste is killed. When she wakes up some time later she finds herself in a beautiful room and a comfortable bed, only to find that she has died. Now she has to come to terms with not only that she's dead and lost everything, but who is responsible for her death. If she can't she might turn rogue and have to live with the consequences.

Jude is the reason why Kalyste is dead. To pay for his sins he has been tasked with counseling Kalyste and helping her deal with her future. He never expected to fall in love along the way and somehow he needs to tell her the role he played in the end of her life.

Well written imaginative story line, except for some predictable parts. I can see this world the author has created turning into an interesting series.

Review Date: Monday 9/19/2012

A "Haven-ly" story

Format:Kindle EditionKalyste and Jude are captivating protagonists in this story, and Haven is a captivating place. Ms. Dalton-Smith makes you feel as though you were there. You feel as though you know those people. It's a quick read and a fun one.

By Liz

Review Date: Monday 10/15/2012

Haven, or Heaven?

This review is from: Life After (Kindle Edition) Kalyste and Jude have a HUGE obstable to overcome...his daughter killed Kalyste in a drunk driving accident. Yes, Jude's own daughter was the driver. Confusing? Not really. Kalyste has landed in Haven, not Heaven, and it's Jude's job to help her overcome her bitterness over her own death. Conflict, anyone? Ms. Dalaton-Smith has a gift for creating drama. Check out this book, you won't be sorry!

D'Ann Lindun

Review Date: Sunday 01/5/2014

.....couldn't put it down!! 10 stars

This book was a "page turner"!!!! ....LOVED every word of this book. Never thought I'd like paranormal romance books, but I do! The love between Jude and Kalyste is every girls dream. A true friends test of forgiveness. My favorite part when Kalyste learned to let go of her past and accept eternal love with the man of her dreams Jude. It was amazing how everyone came together to save Chantel and her marriage. This should happen more in the human world. Each chapter paints a perfect picture. A MUST READ!

Rita Chaman

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